“We have experience creating luxury, traditional and multi-cultural weddings for local and international clients. If you are considering a destination wedding in Cape Town, we can assist you with every aspect of the planning.”
We are based in Cape Town, the Mother City, known to locals and foreigners as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With its spectacular tourist offerings, world-class beaches and the appeal of its natural wonders, this city gathers in awards from around the globe.

Given its wealth of remarkable venues and offerings, Cape Town is the perfect place to host your destination wedding. With long summers, splendid spring and autumn months, and wet but mild winters, Cape Town’s weather and beautiful scenic surroundings are the perfect backdrop for wedding celebrations.

Even though planning a destination wedding may be a little more challenging than simply planning one in your home town, through Skype calls and online communication, and with our expert assistance and guidance, it can be easily done (as many of our international clients have testified!).